Dâmbovița, România


For 30 years we have been delivering quality

We invest constantly in extending and modernizing our production units, and also in training our staff and cultivating a pleasant and motivating work environment. We are specialized in producing jackets (down and sports) and trousers (from classic to sports), our capacity being 10.000 pieces per month.

We obtain our results thanks to the 100 experienced workers working full time and the modern technology equipment that we use. We have complete production lines, working on pattern design, cutting, assembly and finishing.

We are BSCI, ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited. Also, a good part of the energy we use comes from our own solar power plant.

“Siluete Prod is the result of decades dedicated to manufacturing garments, years in which we accumulated experience and prestige in a very competitive market“

CEO - Costin Tache

Perseverance and professionalism helped us
to be respected


We dedicate ourselves to excellence and quality. Our purpose is delivering to our clients the best quality services and we constantly seek to answer to the high demands of the luxury fashion industry. We constantly improve ourselves by carefully listening to our clients’ needs, by investments in equipment and also in trainings of our staff.


We aim to cover all the services requested by our clients, so we can be the go-to partner for international luxury brands, which pay respect to our long-term professional relationship.


We respect our human resources and we do everything to offer our employees a good quality of life. We despise the concept of “sweat shop” and we wish to become the antithesis of this phenomena.


The fact that we grew up in a medium that is becoming more and more competitive demonstrates that we are perseverent and we adapt to the requests of the market on each occasion. We are a trustful partner on which our collaborators rely on for nearly 30 years.





We offer the complete range of production services

Pattern Design

Fabric Sourcing


Excellent Finishing


Annually Updated


We combine the efficiency of our machines with the mastery and ability
of our team

We aim to assure the best work conditions for our employees. From large workspaces that are well illuminated and ventilated to constantly renewed equipment, we make regular investments for the well-being of the team, whose results are visible in international fairs.

Optimal working conditions

Ventilated and illuminated spaces

The results of the team at Copenhagen International Fare

We Value Our Employees!

Siluete Prod is more than a company. It’s a family. We wished to develop an environment in which our employees feel as they are included and they don’t see work as a burden. Parties and team buildings are usual events in the careers of our employees and we are happy to notice the degree of implication that these events can bring.

25 de ani de Siluete

"25 Years of Siluete" Event

"25 Years of Siluete" Event

"25 Years of Siluete" Event

Trip to Peleș Castle

Trip to Urlătoarea Waterfall

Trip to Bușteni

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